Pyle PL573BL 600 Watts 3-Way Car Speakers (Dimensions: 5×7/6×8) Review

Going for a drive has become that much more rewarding ever since I decided to ditch the best car speakers review that came with my car. I spend quite a bit of time on the road, so getting to relax to some songs or the radio when there’s traffic is important to me. The problem was that my old best double din head units 2016 set wasn’t very well-made—the sound quality, which was not that good to begin with, got worse when the rainy season approached. I decided to purchase this set of Pyle speakers, and I have no doubt now that it was the right call to make. Because of their sturdy design, my journey to work is a lot less stressful—no more hissing or odd pops from the shallow mount sub woofers review speakers!

The ASV voice coil will projects sound smoothly and richly for a gorgeous listening experience

Pyle PL573BL“Gorgeous” may not be the word that comes to mind when one hears music, but the Pyle PL573BL speaker set’s well-designed voice coil keeps the layers of sound from being distorted when your speakers project them, so even at high volumes, you can enjoy a clarity and depth to your music which you may not have even noticed. No distortion, no screeching, and definitely none of that strange “whoom” that comes with a set that can’t handle the bass properly at a higher volume.

The butyl rubber surround will ensure sound system longevity and keeps speakers in place

I didn’t want to blow a wad of cash on a pair that would start rattling out of its slot as the surround gradually deteriorated—it didn’t take much longer than a couple of months for that to happen to my stock set. It’s a good thing this pair by Pyle has surround made of butyl rubber, which is much more durable and keeps sound leakage from happening. It also guarantees minimal distortion from outside interference when I’m actually driving the car—pretty neat!

Features and Specifications

  • 300 Watts RMS total per pair
  • Surround made of butyl rubber will protect your speakers
  • Good sound projection from the set’s 3/4″ Piezo Tweeter
  • ASV voice coil which won’t distort even at high temperatures
  • A 80 Hz – 20 kHz frequency response for good speaker sensitivity
  • 2 pounds in weight


A couple of people have complained that their speakers blew after a couple of months, but I’ve had mine for much longer—and so have some other friends—and have yet to experience any degradation. I think it’s just a matter of care. If gunk gets on your speakers, regardless of whether they happen to be made of cheap paper or polypropylene, they will start getting messed up and sounding horrible!


Pyle is well-known for manufacturing speakers of high quality that won’t put a dent in your wallet—and they’ve more than proven to me why, thanks to this great pair I got. If you’re shopping around to replace your set, this could be a great pick for you!